Myda Kalim is a contemporary Yorkshire-based artist who creates phenomenological and sensory site specific installations and sculptures through the use of colour, form and a range of different meduims including wool, vibrant spices and natural flavours. She aims for the viewer to become immersed in the installations she creates, letting their senses heighten, focus and become aware of themselves at that moment.

Her interest lies in what stimulates the brain, interconnectivity and how the release of neurotransmitters are responsible for our emotional responses. She uses geometric shapes through their form to assert order.

Myda incorporates elements of deception designed to lure an audience in and challenge one perceptually.

She works with a range of different spices including turmeric, paprika, cumin, red chilli flakes, ginger, somaq and black pepper. The natural pigmentation and textural surfaces of spices carry aesthetic qualities that add to the visual stimulation encountered by the audience as well as the powerful aroma that can be experienced when she is in the process of making work. 

Myda’s formalist installations are made directly onto the floor and walls through the construction of ordered form, that is built using specific materials that reference both her cultural background and the body’s capacity to absorb. The processes involved enables her to retain control by the use of a systematic order and to carry out a formal quality of presentation.